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LEAP into Science Family Workshops

2018-12-11 15:30:00 2018-12-11 16:30:00 America/Denver LEAP into Science Family Workshops Marmalade Branch

Tuesday, December 11
3:30pm - 4:30pm

Add to Calendar 2018-12-11 15:30:00 2018-12-11 16:30:00 America/Denver LEAP into Science Family Workshops Kids and families can learn and bond through science! Marmalade Branch

Kids and families can learn and bond through science!

Each month, you'll investigate different scientific concepts through a variety of hands-on experiences. Preschool-aged children can begin a lifetime of curiosity and discovery with these monthly, hands-on, inquiry-based science workshops. Held the 2nd Saturday of each month. 

Offered in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Utah and KUED.

Full Schedule

Tue, Oct 9 · Do You See What I See? From sunlight to flashlights, light helps us see the world around us. But sometimes we don’t always think about the ways that light interacts with objects! In this workshop, children and families will play with light by shining light through objects, bouncing it off of shiny surfaces, and blocking it to create shadows.

Tue, Nov 13 · Design It, Build It No matter where we live, we are constantly encountering structures, from skyscrapers to beehives. Find out how they’re made and learn about the importance of everything from foundations to shape strength, then work together to build your own stable structures.

Tue, Dec 11 · For Good Measure We measure lots of things every single day, sometimes without even thinking about it! Compare the sizes of different objects and explore the variety of ways that measuring helps us gather information.

Tue, Jan 8 · A Balancing Act Standing, walking, running, even sitting — life is a balancing act! Explore and manipulate the placement of weight in objects, as well as in your own body, to learn more about the science of balance.

Tue, Feb 12 · The Force is With You The magnets on your refrigerator, the magnet in a can opener that holds the can in place, a magnetic button on a purse — it may seem like magic, but it’s actually science! Have fun learning the science behind the magic of magnetic forces by using common household objects.

Tue, Mar 12 · Can You Hear Me Now? Sounds are all around us. You’ve heard them, you’ve probably felt them, and maybe you’ve even seen evidence of them This workshop invites children and families to really listen to sound and learn about sound and vibration. 

Tue, Apr 9 · Air is Everywhere We can't see air, but we know it exists! Experiment with air to understand how something that is invisible can have visible effects. You'll see the power of moving air by making and manipulating wind.

Tue, May 14 · Splish Splash Leonardo da Vinci called water "nature's driving force," a force necessary for all life. Study the properties of water, test how it moves, and how it interacts with different materials. Then make predictions and conduct experiments to put your ideas to the test 

AGE GROUP:   Preschoolers   Family  

EVENT TYPE:   Workshops   Computers & Technology  


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About the library

The Salt Lake City Public Library's Marmalade Branch is the anchor of a mixed-use project developed as a key part of the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of Salt Lake City's master plan for the Marmalade/West Capitol Hill area of the city. The neighborhood serves as a gateway to Salt Lake City from the north, and the Marmalade Branch is both a hub for neighborhood gatherings and an important welcome for visitors, highlighting a focus on development in the area. On-street parking is available on 500 North and 300 West, and UTA routes offer service with stops immediately in front of the Library on 300 West.

The two-story Marmalade Branch, designed by Blalock & Partners Architectural Design Studio and completed in early 2016, provides 18,600 square feet of new construction to support a thriving and growing community. The first floor includes the Moka Cafe, featuring local coffee and chocolate; a Creative Lab with the latest maker technologies like 3D printing and music-making software as well as "old school" tech such as sewing machines and a turntable; a flexible Children's area; and the very popular Music and Movies collection. The second floor includes the Adult collection, study rooms for a range of group sizes, and a large, flexible multi-purpose room with tiered seating to allow for a wide variety of events. The multi-purpose room has already been very popular with the community, hosting community feedback sessions, film screenings, TEDx events, music recitals, and the highly-popular Coffee and Chocolate Society. The second floor also features a wrap-around terrace offering views of the Capitol Building to the east, Salt Lake City's picturesque skyline and landscape to the south and, to the north, views to a public plaza and open green space as part of a new mixed-use development.

The project utilizes an exterior shading device along the west-facing glass to minimize solar heat gain yet still promote a dynamic interaction with the street and passersby. Its compact footprint reduces land use and allows for a high-performance building envelope. The use of LED lights, lighting control systems, occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting reduce the amount of electrical energy consumption while the flood of natural light creates an inviting interior environment for patrons and an efficient, balanced workplace for staff. In honor of these sustainability features, the Marmalade Branch was awarded the LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

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