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My Journey with Pen & Ink By Kristeen Lindorff

Art Reception

2018-12-08 15:30:00 2018-12-08 17:00:00 America/Denver My Journey with Pen & Ink By Kristeen Lindorff Marmalade Branch

Saturday, December 08
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Add to Calendar 2018-12-08 15:30:00 2018-12-08 17:00:00 America/Denver My Journey with Pen & Ink By Kristeen Lindorff Art exhibit runs Dec 3 - Jan 17 Marmalade Branch

Marmalade Branch

Marmalade Gallery

Art exhibit runs Dec 3 - Jan 17


My journey with Pen & Ink is a body of work that goes from my time as a University student until present day. A span of over 35 years in which instruments have changed dramatically but my interests and responses to pen & ink have stayed the same. My journey began with a dib or quill pen that you literally dipped in a bottle of ink, a very challenging and problematic instrument. When technology finally caught up to the world of art and they produced the painless Micro Pens, I was all too happy to make the switch.

Despite all the changes in instruments and techniques, my delight in the graphic design nature of black ink on white paper has remained unchanged. I enjoy the high contrast and 3 dimension that it creates. My subjects are as varied as my interests. Usually it is the strong design of the image and strong character of the person or animal that attracts my attention and creates a desire in me to see it come to life with pen & ink. I find once I start, hours go by without me noticing. It is an art style that is very detailed and repetitive but very comforting to me as the new image emerges out of the paper with a life all its own.


With my art scholarship in hand and the fresh eyed look of a freshman at college, I entered the world of art, exploring mediums and ideas; trying each on to see how it fit. Then I spent a “Sunday in the Park with George” and found a rhythm for my art. It has been an interesting journey of stops and starts, but always a familiar, comforting feeling whenever I began another piece and watched it grow and change as each dot added another dimension to the emerging form. Thankfully, I found receptive audiences in galleries at Alpine Art in S.L.C., Utah; Jackson Hole, Cody and West Yellowstone in Wyoming; Park City, Utah and the Utah and Park City Art Festival Shows. I have recently had a one woman show at the Harmons Gallery at City Creek and will have a show at the Marmalade Salt Lake City Library during the month of December 2018.Having retired as an art and photography high school teacher, it is fun to have the time to once again pursue my love of art and hopefully continue to share my art with others.

AGE GROUP:   All Ages  

EVENT TYPE:   Arts & Creativity  

TAGS:   Art Reception  

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The Salt Lake City Public Library's Marmalade Branch is the anchor of a mixed-use project developed as a key part of the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of Salt Lake City's master plan for the Marmalade/West Capitol Hill area of the city. The neighborhood serves as a gateway to Salt Lake City from the north, and the Marmalade Branch is both a hub for neighborhood gatherings and an important welcome for visitors, highlighting a focus on development in the area. On-street parking is available on 500 North and 300 West, and UTA routes offer service with stops immediately in front of the Library on 300 West.

The two-story Marmalade Branch, designed by Blalock & Partners Architectural Design Studio and completed in early 2016, provides 18,600 square feet of new construction to support a thriving and growing community. The first floor includes the Moka Cafe, featuring local coffee and chocolate; a Creative Lab with the latest maker technologies like 3D printing and music-making software as well as "old school" tech such as sewing machines and a turntable; a flexible Children's area; and the very popular Music and Movies collection. The second floor includes the Adult collection, study rooms for a range of group sizes, and a large, flexible multi-purpose room with tiered seating to allow for a wide variety of events. The multi-purpose room has already been very popular with the community, hosting community feedback sessions, film screenings, TEDx events, music recitals, and the highly-popular Coffee and Chocolate Society. The second floor also features a wrap-around terrace offering views of the Capitol Building to the east, Salt Lake City's picturesque skyline and landscape to the south and, to the north, views to a public plaza and open green space as part of a new mixed-use development.

The project utilizes an exterior shading device along the west-facing glass to minimize solar heat gain yet still promote a dynamic interaction with the street and passersby. Its compact footprint reduces land use and allows for a high-performance building envelope. The use of LED lights, lighting control systems, occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting reduce the amount of electrical energy consumption while the flood of natural light creates an inviting interior environment for patrons and an efficient, balanced workplace for staff. In honor of these sustainability features, the Marmalade Branch was awarded the LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

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